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Thank you: 

Jonny Silver, the former editor of ynet's technology, computer and internet sector, for initiating my first series of articles about this subject, editing them and contributing to the creation of the 4th and last article. 
Jonny is the person thanks to whom this blog exists: he's the one who knew what I was going through at the time and told me: "So why don't you write about it". And I did. I wrote a series of articles, which later led to my writing this blog. I'm eternally grateful to him for that, among other things. 

Lior Zalmanson, lecturer at The Institute of Internet Studies, Information Systems and Technology Managment, Tel Aviv University, for introducing me to two of the websites I wrote about in the 4th article:Hebrew English 

Photographer Ziv Koren, for taking the picture at the funeral and for allowing me to use it. 

Ayelet Yagil, for proofreading and final-touching the English version of this blog from time to time. 

(Links lead to Hebrew websites).