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The Second Death Online Research Symposium Takes Place Next Week

Next week the second Death Online Research Symposium will take place in London and I'll take part in it. 
The book of abstracts can be found here

You can follow live updates during it by following the hashtag #DORS2 in social networks in general, or by following the Facebook page or Twitter of the symposium, or the Facebook page and Twitter of the blog (August 17th-18th 2015). 

I attended the first Death Online Research Symposium which took place in Durham in April 2014. You can find my summary of it here and here. A summary of the papers presented in it can be found here

I'm looking forward to meeting Digital Death experts from all over the world in person. The previous symposium broadened the scope for me of what 'Digital Death' is. I'm curious to see whom shall I meet and what shall I learn this time. I'll keep you posted.