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I was invited to speak at the Knesset again in July 2017

On July 4th 2017 I was invited to speak (again) at the Knesset, in a discussion held by the Science and Technology Committee regarding digital legacy and estate. 

I prepared several documents to be distributed among the attendees. One of them was mostly in English, so I'm sharing it with you here (as well as in the Hebrew version of the blog) as I think it could be of use to my readers. Current international Digital Death legislation:   

Thank you 
To Jim Lamm of Digital Passing for reviewing the USA list. 


The call for papers for DORS4 is out

The 4th Death Online Research Symposium (DORS) will take place in England in August 2018. 

The call for paper is out, you'll find all the information you need in this link

You can read about DORS 3, which took place in Denmark in 2017, here, about DORS 2, which took place in England in 2015, here, and about DORS 1, which took place in England in 2014, here

I took these pics in DORS 1 in Durham, UK, knowing they would come in handy at a later point. 
Thank you, Nimrod Benzoor, for turning them into images I could use.