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January 25th 2017

I'm excited to let you know I'll be speaking at TEDxWhiteCity on January 25th 2017, at The Israeli Opera - Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center. 
It's an entire day (10:00 - 17:00), filled with ideas, stories and performances. 
The theme this time is: "Destination: Unknown". 
Tickets are available at:


2016: Summary

In December 2014 I published a summary of 2014
In December 2015 I published a summary of 2015
As it's December 2016, I'm about to publish a summary of 2016

Well, actually, I'm not. 

As you noticed from the few blog posts, few Facebook page posts and few lectures I gave during 2016: 
I had to take time off for personal reasons, and it ended up being pretty much full on from January till now: My father is ill and my family and I went through (yet another) not simple nor easy year. 
I took a long break from the blog and from the Digital Death realms. I'm coming back - not sure yet for how long - due to an event which shall take place at the end of January 2017. 
I'll let you know what it is soon, here in the blog, in the Facebook page of the blog, and in the Twitter account of the blog. 

Stay tuned.