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The Path to TEDxWhiteCity 2017

September 3rd 2016 Link for submitting a proposal to talk on TEDxWhiteCity 2017 arrives (Thank you Shir Peri) 

Facebook correspondence, print screen 

September 15th 2016 Proposal submitted 

Print screen 

October 13th 2016 Face-to-face interview 

Print screen 

November 15th 2016 Acceptance 

Print screen 

December 12th 2016 Work and preparations towards TEDxWhiteCity 2017 begin (44 days till January 25th 2017) 

Print screen 

December 18th 2016 Submission of 1st draft 

December 20th 2016 First meeting at "Virtuozo": a workshop for all speakers (four hours)

December 20th 2016, "Virtuozo"

January 1st 2017 Submission of 2nd draft 

January 2nd 2017 Second meeting at "Virtuozo", each speaker by himself/herself (an hour and a half each) 

January 2nd 2017, "Virtuozo", with Zaki Djemal

January 5th 2017 Submission of 3rd draft + Skype call with TEDx team (half an hour) 

January 11th 2017 Submission of 4th draft

January 12th 2017 Third meeting at "Virtuozo", three speakers together at a time (three hours all together) 

January 12th 2017, "Virtuozo"

January 16th 2017 Submission of 6th draft (never finished the 5th. Wasn't happy with it) + Skype call with TEDx team (half an hour) 

January 17th 2017 Fourth and last meeting at "Virtuozo", three speakers together at a time (two hours all together) 

January 17th 2017, "Virtuozo"

January 19th 2017 Submission of 7th and final draft 

January 20th 2017 Learning by heart commences (1621 words, five days till January 25th 2017) + sending parts of the talk to Digital Death experts abroad for peer review / fact checking / remarks + Skype call with TEDx team (one hour) 

January 21st 2017 Skype call with TEDx team (one hour) 

January 22nd 2017 Getting together for a toast with speakers, TEDx crew and "Virtuozo" crew 

Speakers, left to right: 
Eran Katz, me, Yaron Schwarcz, Yifat Yudovsky, Vardit Gross

January 24th 2017 General rehearsal at the Opera House (Among the set of the opera "Lucia di Lammermoor") 

January 24th 2017, Tel Aviv Opera House

January 25th 2017 TEDxWhiteCity 2017

A separate post about the day itself will follow. >>> Update: posted


Discount for You, Readers

The readers of this blog get a discount for purchasing tickets at TEDxWhiteCity

It's a 10 % discount (if you manage to still catch an "Early Bird" ticket, this discount is in addition). 

Type in the code TEDxDigitalDust where it says "Enter Promo Code": 

If you have any questions or problems, please contact (and not me) and give this code as a reference. 

See you on January 25th!