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TEDxWhiteCity: Video, Thank Yous and Credits

TEDxWhiteCity took place in Tel Aviv on January 25th 2017. I gave a talk about Digital Death: "What Happens To Our Digital Remains When We Die?"

The Video 

>>>Update: You can also read the text here

Thank you 

The tight preparations schedule for this TEDx led to my having my final text shortly before the event > which led to my having a very short and limited time in which to learn it by heart (in TEDx talks you speak by heart, there are no teleprompter or cards etc.) 

I would not have completed writing the text, learning it by heart and standing on stage if it weren't for the generous assistance I received during those 44 intensive days

I wish to say a huge THANK YOU to the following friends and family members: 
Asaf Abir, wizard of of words and texts, for his feedback on the first drafts which helped mereach the final drafts;
Gabi Argov, who spent hours working with me on my English pronunciation, helping me learn the text by heart and instructing me in how to do a vocal warm-up before delivering the talk; 
Yael Gaataon, who reached the point of knowing my talk by heart herself from the many hours she spent helping me learn it, via Skype and Whatsapp, while she's in Denmark and I'm in Tel Aviv;
Shachar Bar (non-biological brother), who did his best to take care of us speakers during the event and prior to it, from the technical and technological angles;
Frankie Simon, who became sort of my research assistant;
Inbal Lottem (biological sister), who became sort of my personal assistant, 
Shmuel Shohat, Master Story Teller, who sat with me for five hours straight before I wrote my first draft, talking to me about stories and how they are built. 

I wish to also say a huge THANK YOU to someone who isn't in the friends and family category but still shows up every once in a while asking of his volition: "How can I help?": 
Daniel Alfon, who "adopted" the blog and myself a few years ago, and since then has helped in his areas of expertise and given me good advice in general. Thank you for caring. 

I had my final text five days before the event > which meant that when I sent parts of the talk to international Digital Death experts for a peer-review of sorts, I had to ask them to get back me during the next 24 hours, which borders on being rude. Thank you so much to: Jim Lamm, Dr. Selina Ellis-Gray, Stacey Pitsillides, Paula Kiel, Evan Carroll and Mórna O' Connor (Mórna Ní Chonchúir) who despite this time-table got back to me with approval, correction or an improvment suggestion. It was very moving and made me feel nothing short of blessed, to have them responding to my call. It also made me feel calmer professionally before going on stage. 

A gigantic thank you to people who cared and helped in many and various ways: 
Efrat Ziv,  Eran LutvakGalya Passi KitaroGuy HoffmanJonathan Klinger, Lilach Cohen, Michal and Ido IvriNativ RobinsonNoam HoldengreberSharon Peled Klarfeld, Sharona Reouveni, Shani ShakedShiri YeshuaSigal Strier, Tovit NizerZiv Kitaro.

Thank you very much to the friends who bought tickets so they could be in the audience and to those who called or wrote cause they couldn't. Fortunately there are too many of them for me to list here. 

Thank you Tom Ran and Eran Katz, my fellow speakers, for our nightly correspondence support group ;) .  

A special thank you to Eminem for "Lose Yourself", which I heard in a "loop" at home while I was writing the talk, as well as backstage on the day itself before going onstage. 

And thank you to the teams at TEDxWhiteCity and Virtuozo. 


The positive side about the production not supplying us speakers with wardrobe and/or make-up artist was that I could hire my first choice for a make-up artist and purchase my first choice of what to wear: 
Thank you Shiri Nisan for the make-up, Dalia Braids TLV for the braid, and Dana and all the Nox team for the jumpsuit I was hoping for. 

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