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I Gave a Talk at Kingston University, London, UK

On November 19th 2014 I gave a talk about Death in the Digital Era at Kingston University. 

I thank my colleague and friend, Dr. Korina Giaxoglou - Senior Lecturer in English Language and Communication, MA Language and Society, Course Leader - for initiating this talk and for arranging everything so well and so kindly; Dr. Marina Lambrou, Head of Linguistics & Languages, for inviting me to give this talk; My friend and Linkedin wiz Daniel Alfon along with my friend and Social Media wiz Ben O’Hanlon of VisionsLive for their generous assistance in promoting this talk. 

I thank the audience who attended the talk, including people who came from as far away as Dorchester, Bath and Nottingham

Print screen, Facebook, Digital Dust page

I thank Korina Giaxoglou and Morna O Connor for taking the following pictures and I thank Morna O Connor for capturing the talk on video

First slide
Picture by Morna O Connor

"First thing, let's get this off the table..."
Picture by Korina Giaxoglou

Picture by Korina Giaxoglou

Students from Kensington University attended the talk as well
Picture by Korina Giaxoglou

The Digital Footprints we're leaving behind
Picture by Korina Giaxoglou

Death among Facebook users - 2011, 'Life Insurance Finder'
Picture by Korina Giaxoglou

Morna O Connor recording the talk on video - thank you!
Picture by Korina Giaxoglou

My brother and I 
Picture by Morna O Connor

For updates about my talks you're welcome to follow the Facebook page of the blog. 


  1. Wish I could attend. I look forward to watching the video. Way to go Vered!

    1. Thanks Daniel! :)
      Thanks for everything, I'm really lucky to have you along this path.


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