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The Crowdfunding Was Successful!

I'm happy and excited to share the news: The Crowdfunding was successful! I removed the PayPal button from the blog. 

The entire sum has been transferred: about 4,000 NIS, which after PayPal's commission, makes about 3,800 - the sum needed to cover the minimal travelling expenses (detailed costs can be found below). 

36 people participated: friends, family members, strangers, colleagues from Israel and abroad, most of them from Israel and some from England, Ireland, France, USA and even Hong Kong and Trinidad. 

I'll update from the Symposium, You're welcome to follow by: 
Thank you everyone who participated. Your support is greatly appreciated. 

Detailed costs:

2,410 NIS Flights 

£240 Symposium 

£85 Trains

£30 Local travel


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