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Before death: leaving messages behind

One of the services easily found today is preparing in advance messages which will be sent after your death. I wrote about the services Death Switch offer in my 3rd article for ynet. 

"You create e-mail messages, attach files, and specify your recipients, and the messages are automatically emailed after your switch is triggered". 

October 2015 updateDeath Switch has shut down. 

  • A Facebook application by the name if i die "is the first and only Facebook application that enables you to create a video or a text message that will only be published after you die".
  • "Parting Wishes", "Dead Man's Switch" (which is quite similar to "Death Switch" mentioned above), "My Wonderful Life" and "B Celebrated" all offer send private messages for loved ones after we're gone.
  • "Dead Social" focuses on messages to be sent after death via the various social networks. 
  • Social Farewell "enables you to create messages that we will email or post to your social network in the event of your death". 
  • Final Fling offers to "record Wishes, leave last requests... and to leave messages, pass on pics or home movies"
Sites which have been shut down: 
  • "If I die" - "Gives you a way to write notes that will only be delivered if you die". - Don't mix it up with which is still working (the site which got shut down was 
  • "Eternity Message" used to offer not only to send out messages immediately after death, but to send them also in predesignated dates in the future, such as your daughter's sweet 16 Birthday, or your spouse's next milestone birthday (40, 70, etc.). I wonder what happenned to letters stored in the system which were supposed to get sent in a few years from now. 
  • "Great Good Bye" used to offer to send e-mail too, but with the possibility attaching MP3, photos and videos, and having the "Memorial stay online for 20 years". I wonder what happened to accounts that were supposed to be kept for several more years. 
  • "Life Ensured" used to offer to send not only e-mail messages but also blog posts and tweets.
  • And Death Switch has shut down as well. 

I've first seen some of these links at The Digital Beyond and credit and thanks go to Evan Carroll and John Romano for compiling it. 

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