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Google Updated Their Answer Regarding Accounts of Deceased Users!

I happened to click on this good, old, familiar Google link, only to find out it no longer looks like this: 

Nor like this: 

But like this: 

Google now offers us to choose one of the following: 
  • Close the account of a deceased user
  • Submit a request for funds from a deceased user's account
  • Obtain data from a deceased user's account
  • Notify Google that a user is deceased 
  • Resolve a potential hijacking of a deceased user's account
  • Make plans for what should happen to my own account 
Well done, Google! 
Now all that stands between you and me being happy with you, Google, is for you to actively notify your users about being able to manage their future inactive account, and for that service to also include the possibility of granting access or password, and not just a copy. 

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