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A New Digital Death Video Went Online in Youtube

The good news: there is a new Digital Death video. 
The bad news: it's not entirely accurate, and do stop watching at 03:20 when it turns into a commercial :\ . 

At 02:24 he says "gmail will allow a user you designate to access your account", which isn't true, assuming he's referring to Google's Inactive Account Manager. You can't grant someone access to your account nor can you bequeath your password through this service. What you can do is allow a designated person or people to get a copy of the content of your account - in all of Google's products, not just gmail, through a link they get and can download from. But getting a copy and getting access are two different things. And the people you designate can't get access, only copy. 
If he's not referring to Google's Inactive Account Manager but to their general policy regarding accounts of deceased people, you can choose to request to "obtain data from a deceased user's account". There isn't however an option to "obtain access to a deceased user's account", so what he said remains incorrect. 

Another, although smaller mistake (at 01:26), is that Facebook does not turn a profile into a page when they memorialize it - they turn it into a memorialized profile. And, Legacy Contact feature is not yet available world wide: so far you can only use it in the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, to the best of my knowledge. 

Other than that - it's good that another video exists as it helps raise awareness to this important subject, I just wish it was also more precise in the information it was conveying. 

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