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About this Blog

Tal Shavit, my brother, was killed when hit by a car on March 2nd 2011.

 Photographer: Colin Ritchie  

What I went through regarding these aspects of death in the digital era and life after death on the net following his sudden death, led to my writing a series of articles for ynet (articles available online in Hebrew here and in English here), and later to this blog. 

I hope to raise awareness to how important - and simple - it is to manage our digital and online assets, in a way which could significantly make things easier for those we'll leave behind.

It's true that no one wants to think about death unless they have to, but just as we see writing a will as a responsible act, we should also come to see leaving behind us clear instructions regarding our computer, files, Email accounts, Facebook profile etc., as a responsible act. 

And if you have lost a loved one, I hope some of the things I gathered here will be of service to you. 

Vered (Rose) Shavit 

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לגרסה העברית של הבלוג, בבקשה ללחוץ כאן

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