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My Lectures and Talks & the Blog's Media Coverage

I gave talks and lectures and taught lessons as a guest lecturer in institutes of higher education: Kingston University London; The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; IDC Herzliya (Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya); Tel Aviv University; Ono Academic College; Kaye Academic College, Beersheba; School of Nursing, Bnai Zion Medical Center, Haifa; Hadassah Academic College.

I gave talk and lectures in conferences and festivals, for hi-tech employees and to the general public: The International Conference for the Study of Loss, Bereavement and Human Resilience; Google Campus Tel Aviv; Google Israel employees;  the IDF;  Israeli Ministry of Defense; The Interdisciplinary Center for Trauma Studies; Further education course for the Israel Money Laundering and Terror Financing Prohibition Authority in conjunction with the Israeli Law, Information and Technology Authority – both of the Israeli Ministry of Justice; National Insurance Institute of Israel; Israel Bar Association; non-profit organizations (ERAN – emotional hotline, NATAL – for victims of terror and war); Utopia Festival; INFO Exhibition; The Icon Festival for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Role-Playing; Olamot – science fiction and fantasy conference; Cyber Un-Conference; Print Screen digital culture festival.

In English: 

  • January 2017: Gave a TEDx talk as part of TEDxWhiteCity in Tel Aviv: "What Happens To Our Digital Remains When We Die?"

  • March 2016: David Matlin interviewed me for "The Daily Beat" at i24news. You can watch here or here: 
  • November 2015: The Telegraph recommended the blog in an article

  • March 2015: Selina Ellis Gray, a Digital Media researcher from the UK, wrote a post in her blog 'Digitaloss" about the guide I wrote: Digital Legacy – Access and Management.
  • March 2015: I was interviwed for the morning edition of i24 news, about Facebook's Legacy Contact. The interview starts at 43:19: 
  • March 2015: I gave a talk about 'Death in the Digital Era' at Google Campus TLV as part of the launch of the English version of the practical guide I wrote. 

  • November 2014: I gave a talk about 'Death in the Digital Era' at Kingston University in London. Further details can be found in this Facebook event and this post
  • August 2014: I was interviewed by Jason Danino-Holt for an i24 programme titled "The Tube

Reading it, you might get the wrong impression, as if I recommended Legacy Locker, which of course I have not: both because I refrain from recommending any specific company/site and because Legacy Locker no longer exists: it is a part of PasswordBox since 2013. 
  • July 2013: "Haaretz" newspaper published a feature about me and the blog, inviting people to my lecture at Google Campus. 
  • July 2013: as Digital Dust turned one year old, I lectured at the Google Campus in Tel Aviv. This time the lecture Memory, commemoration and self commemoration in the digital era”, in English.
  • April 2013: I lectured about “Memory, commemoration and self commemoration in the digital era” at the Kaye Academic College of Education. The lecture was partly in Hebrew and partly in English, as my fellow lecturers were Dr. Smadar Ben Asher from Israel and Dr. Victoria Nesfield from the UK.
Photographer: Yoram Peres
Courtesy of the Kaye Academic College of Education

Photographer: Yoram Peres
Courtesy of the Kaye Academic College of Education
  • November 2012: an interview with me was broadcasted as part of BBC's Radio 4's programme "Digital Human" - the 7th epsidoe of the 2nd season (Twitter: #digihuman).
    The interview with me starts at 11:22 and continues throughout the programme. 

  • October 2012: an interview with me taken during "Digital Death Day" unconference in London, by Debbie Davies, at the "Centre for Creative Collaboration".

In Hebrew: 

Please visit the "Media coverage of this blog" and the "My Lectures" pages in the Hebrew version of this blog for full lists of interviews and lectures.


  1. Hi Vered, I just wanted to say it was great to meet you at Kaye Academic College, and to present with you at the Yom Ha'Shoah event, especially after following your blog. I was so impressed that you presented bilingually! It was really appreciated by me and my colleague Pauline, as English speakers!
    I'll never look at Facebook the same way again after hearing your presentation! And what you told us about digital (virtual) Holocasut testimony is incredible, I'm definitely going to look into that more!
    All the best with your blog, and I hope we catch up again in the future! Vicky :)

    1. Thanks so much Vicky! :)
      It was a pleasure meeting you, and I hope we'll meet again.
      Vered (Rose)


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