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My Published Articles and Papers

In English: 

  • Thanatos magazine in Finland published in June 2014 a paper co-written by Dr. Roey Tzezana from Israel and myself: "Online Legacies: Online Service Providers and the Public – a Clear Gap". 

  • I wrote a series of articles for ynet's computer, technology and internet channel in July and August 2011:  
  1. Inside My Brother's Personal Computer: Hebrew origin / English translation
  2. Who Does Our Information Belong to After We Die?: Hebrew origin / English translation
  3. Death Switch: Hebrew origin / English translation
  4. (with Jonathan Silber): You Can Live After Death. Almost.: Hebrew origin / English translation
My heartfelt thanks go to Rachel (Berman) Madar for translating these ynet articles. 

In Hebrew:

For the full list of my published articles in Hebrew, please visit this page in the Hebrew version of this blog. 

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