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Available For Free Download: A Guide For Dealing With The Digital Aspects Following A Death

I wrote a guide about Death In The Digital Era: Initial information about how to deal with the digital, virtual and online aspects of current deaths. It's a booklet you can read, download, save and print at any time and at no cost. 

The guide is aimed both at the grieving family members themselves and at the professionals who support bereaved people: psychologists, social workers, military professionals, volunteers in non-profit associations etc..  

I would appreciate getting your feedback about it: both if it was of assistance to you and if you have encountered - as part of your personal dealings or someone else's - additional topics which this booklet has not yet addressed. I'll be happy to broaden it and make sure it gives a precise and complete a guide as possible following such feedbacks. Please feel free to write to me either via email: or via the Facebook page of the blog. 

The guide can be found here
You can scroll in it using the keyboard arrows or the bar on the side.

The guide was first published in Hebrew on my brother's birthday: August 17th. Today, March 2nd, the date in which he was killed, it is published in English. 

I wish to thank the following people, without whom the English version might not have come into being: 

  • Amir Shemesh, who simply, one day, out of the blue, sent me an email saying: "Hi, I know you wish for your guide to be translated to English, enclosed please find the first draft" (we've never even met). 
  • Mórna O Connor,  a colleague and a friend, who, upon hearing that I was disappointed by someone who took the language check and proof reading upon herself and then disappeared, immediately suggested that she'll take this task upon herself in her stead. 
  • Shiri Yeshua, a graphic designer and a friend, who does all the graphic design for Digital Dust pro-bono since it first went online in 2012, and after designing the Hebrew version of the booklet, volunteered to also design the English version. 
I hope you know how much I appreciate your assistance and how awed and humbled I am by it. I simply could not have done it without you. Thank you for all the time, effort and good will you have put into this. 

I have deliberately focused in this guide on posthumous dealings. Managing our Digital Death issues while we are still alive is a different matter, which I hope to address in another booklet, but for now, this booklet intentionally deals only with after death digital issues. If you wish to know more about how to manage your digital legacy while you're still alive, please visit the following posts in this blog: 

In April 2014 AVG published their own free eBook for Dealing with Digital Death. It's written in an angle which is a bit different from mine, so you might find it of interest to you as well.


  1. Great resource Vered. The URL of the AVG ebook you mentioned above is now

    1. Thank you, Alan, I updated the URL to link directly to the e-book.


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