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Thank You For This Vote of Confidence :)

I've been a member of the Digital Death Day group and emailing list since July 2012. 

This email list, as well as some other infrastructure for hosting Digital Death Day events, is provided by Identity Commons

Identity Commons is a community of groups working on developing the identity and social layer of the web. The organization is loosely connected sharing a common purpose and principles. Our group of people interested in Digital Death is known as the "Digital Death Working Group" (Quoting Evan Caroll here).  

Since its inception, Evan Carroll has served as Steward and represented our working group to Identity Commons' Stewards Council. 

Due to personal commitments, Evan decided to step down from this role and was kind enough to suggest that I take it upon myself and become the new Steward. 

I very much appreciate the kind words and helpful suggestions our group members have shown me in their replies to this suggestion. 
Thank you Evan and everybody for this vote of confidence and thank you Kaliya Hamlin for creating Digital Death Day to begin with. I'm curious to see where we'll be headed towards next. 

Print Screen - Email From Evan Caroll

Print Screen - Email From Holly Isdale

Print Screen - Email From Komal Joshi

Print Screen - Email From Jed Brubaker

Print Screen - Email From Selina Ellis Gray

Print Screen - Email From Anna Haverinen

Print Screen - Email From Stacey Pitsillides

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