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Feedback on my op-ed

Prof. Andre De Quadros, University of Boston: 
"Thanks Vered, what you have written is incredible because you provoke people's thinking in a compassionate way". 

Prof. Amiram Goldblum, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem: 
"The article is excellent and important! You've built an impressive formation around a subject which indeed wasn't on anyone's mind. You've turned it into a subject which is of a broad and widening interest to the general public - an interest which will only grow wider, in my opinion". 

Paul SolomonGoogle, Head of Communications and Public Affairs in Israel, Middle East, Africa and Turkey:
"An important article written by a remarkable person".

Duncan Stewart, Director of Research at Deloitte Canada:
"Great article on Digital Death, a potential Deloitte Predictions topics for 2015".

If you haven't read the op-ed yet in Haaretz in English, here is a direct link:, but a subscription is required. It can be bypassed either by this Tweet, or by googling this - but only in Firefox - and clicking on the first search result. 

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