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On April 9th-10th 2014, the First International Death Online Research Symposium will take place at the University of Durham, UK, hosted by the Center for Death and Life Studies at the university.

Lately I've been invited to join the Death Online Research Network of international researchers and I hope to be able to attend the symposium in person. 

As I'm an independent blogger and researcher, I can't afford to pay for my flight and entrance tickets by myself, which is why I'm asking for your help. 

March 30th update:
Amazing news: Thank you so much! the entire sum has been transferred: 3,800 NIS, after PayPal's commission: 

If 37 2 people will each transfer 50 NIS (15 USD / 10 Euro), and 74 4 people will each transfer 25 NIS (7 USD / 5 Euro), it will reach the sum necessary for covering the minimal expenses: 3,700 3,800 NIS, including covering the fees charged by PayPal for these transactions. Thank you! I have removed the PayPal button. 

If you can afford to take part and support this blog and this trip, I'll be very grateful. People were generous enough to support my previous attending in an international un-conference, almost a year and a half ago. The PayPal button is here on the left. When you type the sum it should be 25.00 or 50.00 (and not 25 or 50). You do not need a PayPal account to make this transaction: only a credit card. 

I will use the money collected by this crowdfunding solely for the purposes of financing this trip and will stop the possibility of transferring further funds once the necessary sum for covering the travelling expenses will be raised.  

I wish to make it very clear that although the PayPal button says "Donate", this is not a donation in the sense that I am not formally a non-profit organization, and I can't supply any receipts, let alone any tax-deductible receipts. 

The detailed costs: 

  • 675 $ flights Tel Aviv > London > Tel Aviv                             (2,360 2,410 NIS)
  • £80 accommodation at Durham for two nights 
  • £70 85 trains London > Durham > London 
  • £30 symposium registration                                       } £225 240 (1,320 1,380 NIS) 
  • £30 local travel expenses 
  • £15 dinner on April 9th

March 9th update: The crowdfunding campaign now has it's own video, thanks to Nimrod Benzoor's pro-bono work with me on making it: 

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