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'Digital Dust' Turns One Year Old, You're Invited to a Lecture (free admittance, registration in advance required)

In July 2012 the English version of the blog "Digital Dust" went online (The Hebrew version of the blog went online in June 2012 and can be found here). 
In July 2013 I'm giving a lecture at Google Campus in Tel Aviv, to mark this occasion, the blog turning one year old: "Memory, Commemoration and Self Commemoration in the Digital Era".

Entrance is free of charge, registration in advance is required. All the details can be found here
For those of you who are on Facbook, an event can be found here. Please feel free to invite your friends. 

"Haaretz" newspaper published a feature in English about the blog and me, inviting people to the lecture. You're welcome to read it here

Among the subjects I'll address in this lecture are: 
How will the 'digital footprints' we're leaving behind affect the way we'll be remembered? How will it affect the way we'll remember others? 
What shall we take with us from our home if it goes up in flames, if we no longer print pictures and place them in photo albums? 
What does Holocaust survivors have to do with holograms? 
What does gamers have to do with commemoration? 
Is immortality already available to us, only in a manner which does not include our physical bodies? 
What does Australia have to contribute to this debate? 
And what does it all have to do with realizing we all have digital and virtual assets, and it's important to manage them? 

I'll be happy to see you there.  

Google Campus, Tel Aviv 

Vered Shavit lecturing. 
Photographer: Yoram Peres
Courtesy of the Kaye Academic College of Education, Beer Sheva

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