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3D holograms of Holocaust survivors allows their stories to live on

"New Dimensions in Testimony" is a new initiative, collaboration between two USC (University of Southern California) institutes: Shoah Foundation and Institute for Creative Technologies, along with Conscience Display. CNET wrote about it in February 2013. 

Interviews with Holocaust survivors will be recorded using new technologies, creating testimonies projected in 3D, developing "interactive 3-D exhibits in which learners can have simulated, educational conversations with survivors though the fourth dimension of time... using a natural language technology will allow people to engage with the testimonies conversationally by asking questions that trigger relevant, spoken responses". A bit like Siri's ability to "hold a conversation". 

I think this project is of tremendous importance, preserving stories of Holocaust survivors for future generations, but I wonder if this is a beginning for self commemoration on a larger scale. 

A "conversation" between a Holocaust survivor and students 

Self commemoration solutions can be found here, and more companies offering advanced technological solutions can be found in my ynet articleYou Can Live After Death. Almost.

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